One Year Later: Winter Storm Uri & the Importance of Partnership

We measure success by the number of families who can return to their homes, and no one organization can do it all. Our SHARE fund is instrumental in maximizing the reach and impact of our work to serve as many survivors as possible. After Winter Storm Uri, this fund was critical in supporting rural, underserved communities in Texas.

In the immediate aftermath of Winter Storm Uri, we identified local organizations that know the populations in need and have the ability to do the work required, but are not large enough to capture donations to help their work endure for an extended period of time. Thanks to the generosity of partners like Matthew McConaughey’s Just Keep Livin’ Foundation, SBP’s SHARE program allows us to make an impact across a wide geographic area, and to ultimately build the capacity of the whole community. In short, the SHARE fund makes it possible to fulfill our mission of shrinking the time between disaster and recovery.

Silver Sage, a senior center in Bandera County, Texas, is one of those inspiring local organization. After realizing that their elderly population was struggling with significant plumbing issues and burst pipes after Winter Storm Uri, they decided to expand their services to address home repair needs. We provided funding and technical support to equip this hardworking non-profit to care for their community. One of their first projects was the home rebuild for a beloved community member, Jay, a veteran who had been in the hospital when Uri hit and caused his pipes to first freeze, then burst, flooding his home.

Jay’s nephew, who discovered the extensive damage, quickly connected with Silver Sage who organized the repairs needed. In late June, Jay returned home for the first time since before Uri to his cheering neighbors. We are so proud to call Silver Sage our partner. Their vision for their community and the ways they worked to meet immediate needs in their community inspires us.

Jay’s neighbors welcome him home.

The SHARE fund is just one of the ways we respond after disasters. You can read more about our Winter Storm Uri response here.



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